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What is lifestyle photography?  Not quite portrait photography and not exactly documentary… Nova Soul’s style is a little in between the two with a focus on connection instead of the perfect pose.  A connection with a loved one. A connection with the environment around you. A connection with the camera.

Nova Soul focuses on capturing the heart and soul of your biggest life events along with all the everyday little things.  We specialize in creating the most personal of heirlooms for you and your loved ones to treasure for a lifetime. 

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It was always you….

Nothing makes my heart happier than watching two best friends promise to be there for each other for the rest of their lives. Anytime I’m asked to help a couple document their love, I’m thrilled and humbled that I get to be a little part of such a special time in their lives. I can’t help it; I just LOVE love!

Wedding & Lifestyle Photography, close up of bride and groom


The little things actually aren’t that little at all.

These sessions are all about ALL the little things.  …The way your littles look at you when you smile at them, the way they snuggle up when you read them a book, the snorty laughs they give when you tickle them, the big giant squeezes they give you around your neck, all those toothless smiles and goofy faces.  I want to document these seemingly small things because in the end, they’re actually some of the biggest most personal things that make your family’s connection so special and unique.     


I will never finish falling in love with you

After all the waiting and anticipation, you finally get to meet your sweet baby.  You spend countless hours taking them all in, appreciating how tiny their little fingernails are and how perfect their little lips are.  Everything else around you seems to slow down for just a little bit as you first welcome your newest little love home.   I call it the baby bubble…. It doesn’t last very long, but gosh, it really it really is such an amazing time. 

Wedding & Lifestyle Photography, baby wrapped up and in basket
Wedding & Lifestyle Photography, senior picture of girl with different colored eyes


Have big dreams, you will grow into them.

How on earth did that happen so fast?  It seems like just yesterday that you were chasing after them all crouched over trying to make sure that they didn’t fall too hard as they were learning to walk and now they’re beautiful, independent individuals with minds and aspirations of their own.


For all the things my hands have ever held, the best by far is you.

Perhaps one of the closest things to my heart is capturing the unique bond between mother and child.  To understand why this personally means so much to me, you have to know that by the time I was a young adult, my own amazing mother was already in the trenches of early onset dementia.  By the time I was having babies of my own, she was physically here but gone in every other way.  I have since found myself drawn to the few images I have of her and I together… yearning to see the photographs of her gazing at me with the endless amounts of love I remember her looking at me with when she could, the same way I look at my own children.

I always say my photographs are not just for my clients, but also for their children when they grow up.  These sessions are even more so for your children.  I truly know, first hand, how much they will appreciate these when they become adults. 

Wedding & Lifestyle Photography, picture of mother holding up her baby
Wedding & Lifestyle Photography, city shot with sun behind the buildings


You don’t take a photograph, you make it. – Ansel Adams

Years ago when I was a child, these are the types of things I’d photograph… the life around me.  From scenic landscapes to the tiny little details I’d notice, I’d take photographs of it all.  My love of nature was fostered by parents who wanted nothing more than to get away from the crowds and enjoy the beauty and serenity of the natural world around us, while my love of photography was encouraged by a father who always had a camera in his hand.

“The meaning of life is to give life meaning.”


Sarah, is quite simply, the BEST photographer in the area!  I have such confidence in her style and creativity.  The colors and lighting in her photos are truly beautiful.  I cannot say enough good things about her amazing works of art!  Working with her is never stressful nor rushed and the kids absolutely LOVE her!  I will always cherish the special moments she has captured so perfectly!! – Katie

I cannot say enough amazing things about Sarah and the images she captures!  Having someone make you and your children feel comfortable in front of the camera, while having a blast, is not her only talent.  Sarah’s photos are incredibly gorgeous… she has the ability to bring our family’s unique interaction to life and capture those moments in distinctive images that make everything and everyone look amazing!  I get endless compliments on the pictures she has taken throughout the years.  My family is so thankful for her and we always look forward to our photo (hangout) sessions!  I am so proud to say that she is our family photographer and now friend. – Hayden


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