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I will never finish falling in love with you

After all the waiting and anticipation, you finally get to meet your sweet baby.  You spend countless hours taking them all in, appreciating how tiny their little fingernails are and how perfect their little lips are.  Everything else around you seems to slow down for just a little bit as you first welcome your newest little love home.   I call it the baby bubble…. It doesn’t last very long, but gosh, it really it really is such an amazing time. 

Newborn Photography

I still remember how tiny my little Ben looked when he was all swaddled up and sleeping on our bed.  …or how I spent that whole first winter after my sweet Logan was born, rocking him as I looked out his nursery window. This lifestyle session completely represents EVERYTHING that I love about newborn photography!  It is all about capturing personalized images that will really speak to your heart when you look at them down the road.

Lifestyle sessions are my specialty and are definitely my most popular type of newborn session.  This is an on location 1-3 hour lifestyle session in the comfort of your home.

Baby Photography
First Year Packages

The days are long but the years are short…  That really couldn’t be more true, and especially when it comes to year number 1.  From itty bitty newborns to babbling and curious toddlers, they really do change so much in just one short year.

I offer a variety of Baby’s First Year packages to help you document all the special milestones and cute stages that make that first year so special.


Newborn Photography in and around Northern Virginia

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