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Have big dreams, you will grow into them.

How on earth did that happen so fast?  It seems like just yesterday that you were chasing after them all crouched over trying to make sure that they didn’t fall too hard as they were learning to walk and now they’re beautiful, independent individuals with minds and aspirations of their own.

Senior Photography

High school is over and now your sweet baby is making that leap into adulthood.  The mix of emotions as you watch them make this transition is beyond bitter sweet and the pride you feel is monumental.  Senior sessions with Nova Soul are laid back and fun.  My goal during these sessions is to really capture your senior exactly as they are as they make this transition.  Does your senior son always where his favorite hoodie with a set of headphones?  Let him for a few! …Maybe your daughter wants to showcase her love of dance in an unexpected location?  Let’s do it!

Whatever it is, I make sure we get a nice mix of some traditional smiling headshots for mom dad and the grandparents along with some personal portraits that speak to your senior’s individual personality and interests. I offer a variety of senior session packages to choose from.  Contact me for more information.    

Tween/Teen Milestone Sessions

Tweenhood… it can feel like such an awkward time for your kids.  So much growing and changing.  They’re developing their interests and coming into their own.  Why not celebrate and embrace this time in their lives.  Tween and teen milestone sessions are light hearted with an emphasis on “no stress.”

These are fun sessions where I encourage your child to relax and be themselves.  I have found that these sessions frequently empower young girls and give parents those oh so desired images of your tweenaged son looking like himself again, minus the hassled or too cool for a photo guard we’re all familiar with.  These sessions are intended for your 9-12 year-old but are also perfectly suited for some of your teen milestones, such as a barmitsvah, quinceanera or sweet 16.      


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